This site is dedicated to the evolution of VIN 5255, an October 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 and the pursuit for fast, reliable power, that will raise eyebrows for those who think a DeLorean is slow

The whole build from the very first day

VIN 5255 – history, including pre me, modifications and improvements

Why – are you insane?

Preparation – just add the engine and you’re done, right?

Insurance – is this going to be a problem?

Legacy2 – what happened to it, where is it now?

Conversion company – who would want to take this on?

Engine – great Idea, pick the HP and torque first!

Movies, clips, interviews etc.

Transmission – I’ve made my bed, now I need to lie in it!

Exhaust – what noise and design?

ECU – which one and why?

Sump – why does this have a chapter?

Weighbridge – I’ve indulged, how much weight has it cost me?

How fast? – is it reliable and quicker?

Timeline – how long is this taking?

What’s left or next? – is it finished?

Events - past and planned