This section is all about this DeLoreanís improvements made through modifications and customisation so far

Each new DeLorean owner received a letter from John Z DeLorean thanking them for their purchase and although I donít have the actual letter for this particular car, the sample here is close enough

Fellow DeLorean owner Alistair Vanstone put me in touch with an eBayer in 2008 who had bought the original factory Window sticker for VIN 5255 on eBay around 4 years earlier and was now relisting it.  I secured it for $25 and have carefully stored ever since.  The high quality scan to the left is how well it has survived

DMC Houston have the record of the orignal buyer and shows that it was initally sold in Florida. When I bought the car in 2002 it had been imported to the UK in 2000 from Arizona. To this day, I still have no knowledge or history of the car from 1981 to 2000.  Considering it only had around 6000 miles on it when I bought it then it would suggest it spent many of its years as an investment rather than a daily driver

Many of the workers at Dunmurry would leave Ďcave paintingsí on the underside of the roof section of the gullwing doors and in my example a well known Scottish pop rock band featured

Car specification below is IDENTICAL to the ‚ÄėBack To The Future‚Ä™ DeLorean (Vin 5261) used in the Twin-Pines Mall sequence of the film (several cars were used throughout the films).
Vin5255 Oct 1981
Grey interior
5 speed manual transmission
Bonnet/hood with pleats/grooves
Motorised aerial (fast smooth motion) that hides away in the rear vent
A unique stainless steel exhaust system utilising 21‚ÄĚ headers (¬£1,500)  creates a deep engine note like the ‚ÄėBack To The Future‚Ä™ DeLorean.

DeLorean owner Stuart Pennington imported Vin 5255 from Arizona in 2000. He replaced the dashboard and binnacle (sun damaged) amongst some of the work done to make it an excellent car for the next buyer. I purchased the car from Stuart on 23/01/02 with 5880 original miles on the 85mph clock. The car is up to 82K miles (as of April 2019) on the 170mph speedo that was upgraded by DMC Houston at their Openhouse event in 2003. The car was in great shape when I bought it and Stuart said all it needed was to put some much needed miles on it to keep it in shape which I duly did.

Switch vents
sill letters
pontoon mesh
convex heated mirrors

rebrush and fascia repaint

rear fog mod


wheel refurb


suspensions - Strut brace, DPNW kit



windscreen squirters